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Cure for Heartache

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Cure for Heart ache.
There are people who have a cure for this disease also. The cure is started on a Monday and is continued the following Thursday and Monday.
First the person suffering is supposed to have some gnawing pain round the heart. The person who has the cure fills a tea-cup with oat-meal and ties a handkerchief very carefully round the brim of the cup. This is placed upside down on the heart and moved around three times in the name of the Trinity. Then the handkerchief is taken off, and a hole is seen in the meal in the cup. The size of the hole is supposed to correspond with the amount of the heart affected.
Then the person who has the cure empties the cup of meal on to a plate, wets it with boiling water makes (3) three cakes of it and cooks them on the pan. These cakes have then to be eaten fasting starting on a Monday morning. If the cure is effective no meal will disappear out of the cup the last time. There are certain prayers to be said while the meal is in the cup before it is applied to the heart.

Violet Notley 29th March 1938.

Violet Notley