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The Landlord

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Pakenham Mahon was the name of the land lord that owned the land in Tully. Pakenham Mahon was considered by the old people to be a fair land lord. He lived at Strokestown Co. Roscommon. At one time when tenants wanted to have their houses fixed and windows put in, instead of the very small windows that were in the houses, he allowed the tenents to get windows at half price. He paid the other half, so they got the windows in Strokestown. He never wanted "two livings" on one holding. He left each place in one receipt in the man's name. Mr. Martin Giblin of Tully gave half an acre of his land to the land lord to have Tully School built on it, so the land lord said, he wold never again ask any land from Mr. Giblin for the site of a building.
He got rivers cleaned every year. He paid tenants to make their own fences and gave them quicken plants to plant on the ditches for fence and shelter.
Pakenham Mahon got to be landlord by marrying Miss Sanford. The Sanfords owned this property first.

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