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An Chloch, Co. Laoise
M. Bevans

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The Townland of Clough - The Old Chapel of Clough

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The Townland of Clough.
The "Old Chapel" of Clough.
Within the "old chapel of Clough stone slabs were erected over the graves of Fathers Bergin, Kavanagh, Heany and Dowling, Parish Priests of Aghaboe.
When portion of the "old chapel was demolished in 1909 these monuments were removed and set in a large concrete rectangular slab placed behind the Parochial hall.
The following are the inscriptions on these four monuments:-
1. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Martin Bergin P.P. of Aughaboe who departed this life in Sept. 1st 1819, aged 64 years.
2. Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Revd. William Heany P.P. Aughaboe who died on the 5th May 1855, Aged 84 years.

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Annie Hyland
An Chloch, Co. Laoise