Scoil: Clonin, Mountrath (uimhir rolla 15932)

An Cluainín, Co. Laoise
Bean Uí Bhraoin

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A Still

Tagairt Chartlainne

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A "STILL" (80 years ago)
Story told by Denis Kavanagh, Ballyhoran age 84.
Micil Tynan, Ballyhoran, kept a "still" remains of which to be seen between Joe's and Paddy Delaneys. He did and extensive trade in Poteen.
Needhan, the Parish Priest's man who used to frequent Tynan's for oats for priests house sold information to Revenue Officer in Mountrath for £5. Needham was to lead R.I.C to Tynan's. He brought them early one morning to 40 perches of "Still" to where small lane brances off high road.
Tom Tuck resided at corner of lane. Light showed in tucks as Revenue Officer and R.I.C men came up. Needham left them to find "Still" as it would be dangerous for him to be seen. He was paid his fee and departed. Officers called at Tucks and demanded to be led to the residence of Andrew Tynan. (The informer had confounded the name of Micil with his brothers, Andrew who lived 5mls away in the mountains.) Old Tuck prepared to lead them to Micils

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Denis Kavanagh
Baile Uí Anracháin, Co. Laoise