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28th October 1938
Local Cures
Taken from:- Philomena Behan Kildangan Co Kildare
Rheumatism is very prevalent among the old people nowadays and almost everyone has a different cure for this ailment. Some people use lemons while others use celery seeds.
Cold tea is a cure for sore eyes.
Mr Talbot of Richardstown has a cure for a tooth-ache. Those who go to him with this complaint get a folded piece of paper which is written a prayer. They are not to read this prayer for if they do their tooth-ache will not be cured.
Mrs Dunne of Ballybracken cures the min-fhé is said that this disease exists only in County Kildare.
Taken from:- Imelda Callan, Richardstown Co Kildare

Miss Sewell, Mrs Cullen and Mr Cahill had the cure of "St Anthony's Fire".
Mrs Cahill, Mrs Fitzpatrick Miss Finlay were some of the people who had the cure of the yellow jaundice.
In County Kildare a decease is to be found,

(leanann ar an chéad leathanach eile)
Imelda Callan
Rickardstown Upper, Co. Chill Dara