Scoil: Mercy Convent, Monasterevan (uimhir rolla 15769)

Mainistir Eimhín, Co. Chill Dara
Sr M. Stanislaus

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Local Monuments

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0780, Leathanach 018

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Local Monuments.

The people of Monasterevan are proud (or ought to be proud) of their great Martyr Fr. Prendergast. He was born in the year 1760 at Nurney and he afterwards became a Priest. A friend of his asked him to Baptise a child in some place where there were United Irishmen. When they heard that a priest was coming to that place they asked him to hear their confessions and he did so under a hedge.
When the yeomen heard this they planned to take him to prison and hang him. The leader of the yeomen in Monasterevan gave a party at that time and he invited some friends of his who were neighbours of Fr. Prendergast and at the dinner he told them his plans. Then one of the ladies said she was sick and went home. She then went to Fr. Prendergasts house and told him the yeomen's plans against him and she told him she would hide him in her new house, but he refused to do so. The Yeoman then put him in prison and after some time hanged him. The people of Monasterevan then erected a monument in the square in memory of him

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Carmel Mac Cabe
Mainistir Eimhín, Co. Chill Dara
Miss Mac Cabe
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os cionn 60
Mainistir Eimhín, Co. Chill Dara