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Old Crafts

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Old Crafts
There were two forges in Feighcullen at one time. One was built near Watson's Feighcullen on a boreen beside Dunne's field. The others name was Micheal Dempsey. He used make lever churns. This type of churn was worked by a spring. It was made of wood like an old fashioned dash churn. I believe the last one used in this district was used bu Thorpes of Feighcullen. The last of the Thorpes died an old old woman nearly twenty years ago.Their old home is occupied now by Dan Byrne.
This churn was fashioned on to the kitchen wall by planks. A chain was attached to the side of the churn and connected with something inside. The person churning, stood at a short distance and pulled the chain; the dash inside worked up and down. It was a very different method of churning, and it was very hard to keep the churn clean. This smith made spades, gates, fine cranes, horse shoes, axeles, and car wheels. The

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