Scoil: Naomh Eoin, Cill Choinnigh (uimhir rolla 1301)

Cill Chainnigh, Co. Chill Chainnigh
Bráthair Tomás Mac Binéid

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A Callan Tradition

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Stephen Dwyer
Greenridge Kilkenny
40 years of age
From his father Martin Dwyer about 20 years ago.
A Callan Tradition.
On Mac Murrough's departure from Callan the Confederates sent troops from Kilkenny to garrison the town. These troops placed the Catholics in new occupation of the Abbey from which they had been previously driven. There stay was of short duration for in April (1650) they were again obliged to fly from the relentless Cromwell. It is a firmly believed tradition in Callan that when Cromwell assaulted the place, the priest was on the chief altar in the choir engaged in the celebration of mass, which he continued to the end, and that the choir in which he officiated remained unharmed, though the roofs of the nave and aisle to the rere were smashed down from the fire of the batteries. The tradition got the more credence from the fact that the aisles were to be seen roofless and in ruins whilst the choir remained in perfect preservation until (1850).

Stephen Dwyer
An tIomaire Glas, Co. Chill Chainnigh