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A Fairy Story - The Banshee

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The following is exactly as related by Stephen Dwyer of Greenridge, Kilkenny on 5/11/37.

A Fairy Story
"The Banshee"
Everybody heard about the Banshee, a female fairy in Ireland who makes herself known by wailings and shrieks before a death in a particular family. The Banshee is known in Irish as the woman of the fairies. There is a tradition in our family handed down by my great grandfather whose name was Holohan, he lived at a place called Sugarstown near Thomastown County Kilkenny.
He met the Banshee, and the terrifying experience he had on that winters night long ago is still remembered with awe by the family as if it were only yesterday, and that it actually happened to themselves. It is one of the fireside stories which I have often heard my father relate to us. It is a true story because it is preserved in our family. Here is the story told me by my father, and handed down to him in the exact words of his own father.
"I had spent many years in America emigrating when I was quite a young man and in the hard times.My father when I was yet a baby and

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Stephen Dwyer
An tIomaire Glas, Co. Chill Chainnigh