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Holy Wells in Kerry

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Holy Wells in Kerry
There are many Holy wells in Kerry intimately connected with the lives of our early Saints and probably with the Druids of the Pagan period. The most important of these wells is Wether's Well or Tobar na Mult, which is situated not far from Ardfert. It is enclosed on three sides by hawthorns and for centuries it has been the scene of many pilgrimages from Kerry and the surrounding counties. It got its name from the offering of three wethers to Bishop Erc at the baptism of Saint Brendan. Others say that the name may be traced to a miraculous appearance of three wethers which were seen running from the Well on the occasion of the celebration of a Mass in the "penal days" in order to divert the attention of the hounds used by the English soldiers for the purposes of a Priest-hunt.
Pilgrims visit this well at all times of the year especially on the Saturday preceeding the first of May, St. John's Eve and Michaelmas Day.