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An Coireán, Co. Chiarraí
Helen O' Sullivan

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Derrynane - County Kerry

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0475, Leathanach 124

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Perhaps we can hardly find a more historic spot in Ireland as Derrynane. First, it was the residence of a great man Daniel O'Connell, it was he who won Catholic Emancipation and gave Catholics freedom to practice their Religion.

Derrynane has also famous poets, Tómas Ruadh O'Sullivan is one of the finest poets. Kerry has produced.
The high esteem which the people had for this poet was shown when they erected a monument to his name a few years ago in Derrynane Abbey.
About one mile from Castlecove is St Crohan's Bell in Coad mountain and near it is St Crohan's Well which pilgrims visit every year on the thirtieth of July.
About a quarter of a mile from Castlecove is a large field called Atha Bharrnighte. Tradition tells us that once an English fleet landed at Castlecove and were met by an Irish army. A fierce battle was fought and the brave Irish defeated the English and the field got that name after that.
There is a Fort in Staigue. There are many legends regarding this old Fort. Several people say that it was built in one night and that the building stones were drawn several miles as there were no building stones in the vicinity.