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Helen O' Sullivan

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Lough Derravaragh - Curious Legend

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Lough Derravaragh (Curious Legend)

Lough Derravaragh is situated about six or seven miles north of Mullingar & the enchanted Children of Lir were compelled to make their home for three hundred years in the waters of Lough Derravaragh.
Derraavaragh means the lake of a severe or hard judgement and it was so called from the exclamation of a man who, as the tale runs, on a frosty and hard winter's day, attempted to drive a cow which he had stolen across the lake. Being in such haste he drove the animal too hard with the result that she slipped and fell and in the fall broke one of her legs. Thereupon not knowing better how to dispose of her he killed her and with the help of some companions carried off the hide and flesh.
When he reached home he found that he had forgotten his knife. Immediately he returned to the place where the remains of the cow lay, which by this time had so far thawed the ice, that when he drew near it broke under his feet and falling in the ice closed around his neck severing his head from his body.
When falling the unfortunate wretch gave a yell which reverberated over the

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