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when England come into Ireland and fought her battles there the payment she gave her officers and generalds was to go up to the top of a the highest mountain and to look as far as they could over the land and to take as much land as they wanted.
Then they would get the grass of twenty cows or more and let the rest of the land to other people. The people paid them rent and if the people failed to pay the rent they would be evicted and some other one would get the land.
There was a Land Lord living in Westcove his nane was Eugene Sullivan nickname Joe he used to gather the rent from the people and send it away to the Land Lord. if any one gave Eugene Sullivan a few pounds he would evict some poor person and give that mans land to the other man that gave him the money.
When England had settled down in Ireland she passed law that every man and woman should pay one tenth of his money for the support of the pastors. Every year the land Lord used to send out his men to collect tithes and if the people had not got

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