School: Cnoc an Doire (B.) (roll number 2418)

Cnoc an Doire, Co. Chiarraí
Domhnall Ó Seaghdha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0460, Page 002

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0460, Page 002

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    the second leg of the goose was. "She had only one leg" said Jack. Next day they were going to town. They saw a goose standing on one leg by the roadside. "Look now", said Jack, "sure a goose has only one leg". The farmer went over to the goose and said "Quish". The goose put down her other leg and walked away. "Now", said the farmer "You see that a goose has two legs". "Ah! but you didn't say "Quish" to the goose last night" said Jack.
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  2. In the year 1925 a dance used to be held every Sunday night in a farmhouse in the parish of Currow. The music was supplied by a blind fiddler, who was also a cripple. He came to the dance each night riding on an ass. The parish priest was very much opposed to this dance and was determined to put a stop to it. One Sunday night when the dance was in full swing, the priest's car was heard stopping at the front door.
    All the dancers rushed out through the back door, leaving the poor fiddler alone in the house. The priest came in, in a very angry mood. He faced the poor cripple
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