Scoil: Cnapach (Crappagh) (uimhir rolla 7529)

An Chnapach, Co. Mhuineacháin
Mrs Horan

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Famine Times

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The Bridge of Knockcor Rd. was made as Relief work. It is built on planks in the river.
There was a river made from Doohatt Lake. Newbliss, to Dinemore & on to Cavan. It was Sir W. Power, who was an engineer & paymaster in the British army, who superintended the making of the River or Drain. He was a native of Tyrone & he married Dr. Moor's daughter of Annagh ma-Kerrig & that's how that place came to belong to him. The making of the river was relief work. It was made between 80 & 90 years ago.
Those times were called "the bad times". If you had a cow you'd get no relief work. Ned Mc Kenna Cordoo Newbliss who died recently and was over 90 years of age says that men got relief work then, making roads. They got 2D per day & if they brought a barrow they got 6D per day.
David Wales of Crappagh says his father was then working for a lady named Mrs. Moore, near Rockcorry. One day, he came in to have his dinner & a poor woman with two or three starving children

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David Wales
circa 70
An Chnapach, Co. Mhuineacháin