Scoil: Cnapach (Crappagh) (uimhir rolla 7529)

An Chnapach, Co. Mhuineacháin
Mrs Horan

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The road which goes past the school ( Crappagh Rd.) now, was at one time an old bog-pass. All around the school was bog and there was a lake behind it where the bog and marsh are now. David Wales of Crappagh, who is around 70 years of age says that his father cut turf on the stand of the school at one time. The Knockcor Rd was also a pass for carts into Knockcor Bog. The main road at that time ran past Mr Morton's, Mr. Wales'and McPhillip's houses. They are situated about 3 or 4 hundred yards from Crappagh Rd. now. The remains of the old road can be seen in some of their fields yet. It is like an old dis-used lane.

Crappagh Rd. was made about 80 years ago. Alex McCartney, long since dead, made the ditches for the road.
The Avenue leading to AnnaghmaKerrig Hse. owned by Mrs. Guthrie and once belonging to her father, Sir W. Power. was at one time the main road leading to Dublin. All the traffic went that way. In order to prevent so much traffic on the Avenue, Sir

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David Wales
circa 70
An Chnapach, Co. Mhuineacháin