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Ar an leathanach seo

In Broomfield there is a townland called Carrigagha. It gets this name on account of a ford. It is said that a man was crossing the ford when he met a small woman. He stood and looked at her. She was dressed in white. She had long white hair and was combing it with a comb. She told him that his mother was going to die. In a few hours later his mother died and the little woman came in and stood outside his window and cried. Now there is a very high hill in Carrigagha. A river begins at the bottom of the hill. The ford is in the middle of the river. It is sometimes called a "kesh" now because there are big long planks nailed with iron bars across the ford.

This ford is near Broomfield. It is between the townland of Braca and Derry Island. The ford was used very often in the years gone by. It is not used so much at present. People that have a farm in Derry Island use it. People

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