Scoil: Annalitten

Eanaigh Litean, Co. Mhuineacháin
A. Mac Suibhne

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Annalitten | Bailiúchán na Scol

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Ar an leathanach seo

In Carliss near Crossmaglen there is a fort. People go down very far in the fort. There are very many steps down deep in it. Numerous numbers of dark damp caves are in it too. It is said that if a person goes down far enough he would know all things and on account of this it is called "Lios an Fios". In it there is a Fairy Palace. The fairies sing beautiful Irish songs at twelve o'clock on Hallow Eve.'

In the townland of Lackafin there is a field called the Rasan. The people are not sure how this field got its name. They know that a murder took place in this field one hundred years ago. This happening took place in the harvest time. There was a man going home through this field at two o'clock one morning. He was carrying an ordinary mowing scythe. As he drew near to a stile or a ditch that he had to cross he noticed a tall dark figure. He went nearer to the stile. A man walked in front o fhim who prevented him from crossing the stile. Some time before this took place there was a ghost seen in this spot. The ghost was called the lookery-man[?]. Some say that there is luck at any place orhouse where the Lockery-man is. At present there is a Lockery-man at Rowntrees. He is seen on odd occasions at late hours at

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