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Ar an leathanach seo

(ar lean ón leathanach roimhe)

ailment. [Any person having a number of ailments such as warts or stys. All these ailments have cures worked in similar ways. These cures are very funny. No person could believe that any ailment could be cured by them.]
There is a cure made for warts. A wart is a small lump which comes on a person's hand. It resembles a small marble. It is believed that they are taken by people who lift papers or cards off the roads that done belong to them. The cure that is made for them is very simple and easy. The person that has the warts must spit on them when fasting each morning for nine mornings. The warts disappear after the ninth day. This cure does not contain prayers.
This is one of the comicalist cures for any ailment. There are gooseberry thorns used in curing a sty. This is the easiest of all cures made.

There are big numbers of local cures in Ireland. Most of these day from the olden times such as the cure for the measles. The measles is a disease taken by all youngsters. There are at least six cures for the measles. There is one very old cure for it. This cure is seldom made nowadays. The people boil nettles, they drink the juice. They call this "nettle broths". This is a good successful cure.