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Customs at Easter Time

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Ar an leathanach seo

On Easter Sunday morning many of the old people bring eggs, and salt to the church to be blessed by the priest.

It is a custom for the people to eat eggs on Easter Sunday, and also Easter Monday.
On Good Friday the people used to kneel and pray from twelve until three o'clock in honour of the three hours our Lord was dying on the Cross.
If any person washes clothes on Good Friday, it is said that when they are taking them in they will be covered with blood.
On Easter Monday they used to make pancakes, and in one of them they used to put a ring. It was the common belief of the people that the person who would get the ring would be married before anyone else in the house.
On Easter Sunday people go to the church to pray, and make the holy hour.
On Easter Sunday a number of boys and girls come together and bring out tea and provisions with them to a nice green field. There they light a big fire and make tea. When they have the tea made they put on eggs and boil them. They usually boil them hard and roll

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