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Customs on April Fools' Day

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Ar an leathanach seo

On April Fool's Day many of the young people used to come together and think about some trick to play on some other person such as telling him that some person wanted him down the road. He would go down the road to see the person who wanted him, but when the young people would get him away they used to go away and hide on him. When he would come back he used to go and look for them but they could not be found.

If a fool is made of any person on that day it is said that there will be a fool made of him the whole year round. When a fool is made of any person, the person who makes the fool of him calls him "April Fool".
One day a neighbour man was working very busy and a young boy was passing by; he told this man that some other neighbour wanted him. He stopped his work and when he went down the road he asked the person what did he want. The man told him he did not want him at all. When he heard this he was mad because he had to leave his work.
One day a woman

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