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Customs at Easter Time

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Ar an leathanach seo

In many places certain people go round to strange houses on Spy Wednesday, and they ask money of the people of the house. If the people refuse to give them any money, they will overlook some of the cattle or fowl, and these things will die in a short time afterwards.

On Easter Sunday morning several people used to rise shortly after day-break for the purpose of boiling potatoes for the breakfast. The people who were not fasting used to eat them before going to mass, and those who were fasting would eat them when came home for their breakfast.

On Easter Saturday the children join together, and gather a bundle of sticks, then they lay the place for a fire. About tea time on Easter Sunday they carry all their provisions out to a field, and some of the big girls cook the meal. After the feast they start to play games.

On Good Friday many people take black tea and bread without butter in honour of Our Lord when dying on the cross asked for a drink and they handed him gall.