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Customs on Shrove Tuesday

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Customs on Shrove Tuesday.
On Shrove Tuesday it is the custom of the people to go to Confession and get pardon for their sins, because they want to start the holy season of Lent in a pious manner.
The people who are going to get married, like to be married before Lent comes in. On that night a number of people come together in one house and start to sing and dance. The woman of the house makes pan-cakes and puts a ring in one of them. It is generally supposed that the person who gets the ring will be married before the year will be out. On Shrove Tuesday people used to fill small paper-bags of common ashes and bring them with them to Mass on ash Wednesday to get them blessed.
Many people fry bacon and eat it on Shrove Tuesday night because you cannot eat on Wednesday because it is a fast day.