Scoil: Clochar na Toirbhirte, Cill Áirne

Cill Airne, Co. Chiarraí
An tSr. M. Déaglán, An tSr. Marie Thérèse

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time. The bread-tree was made of two sticks and the cake was placed up against it and left to bake for half an hour or so. When the cake was baked it was put out in the open air to cool and when cool it was eaten.

At that time people had only two meals and these meals usually consisted of bread and potatoes. Potatoes were used a good deal up to the years 1847 and 1848. When the potatoes blackened during those years the people had to depend on the Indian meal. The first quantities of Indian meal that reached this country were not fit for use but later on it improved. People made bread of the Indian meal by itself without any mixtures. This meal had to be wet with boiling water and made into the shape of a cake and then baked on a griddle iron. This meal cake was part of the food for the Irish people in those days because the best of their produce was sent over to England. That was one of the chief reasons why the Irish almost starved.
Seán Ó Mathghamhna,
Leath - Fhearran,

Seán Ó Mathghamhna
Laharan, Co. Chiarraí