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Houses in Olden Times

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Houses in Olden Times
When a man wished to build a house, he selected the most sheltered spot in the farm, usually in a hollow.
He went around and collected a few of his friends and they set to work and dug the foundation.
The houses were built either of rough stones and sods, or of yellow clay, wet and toughened by water, somewhat as cement is treated in the present day.
When they made a portion of the wall they allowed it to dry, before proceeding with the next portion. Then they placed a sod on the top of that and on the top of the sod they placed another layer and so on. They put a frame for the door, when they had a little of it built. They raised the gable 2 or 3 feet higher than the side walls. They left a hole in the upper part of the gable to carry away the smoke, and they inserted a wicker frame, like an open basket in that hole. This formed the chimney.
Opposite the hearth, five feed from the floor, and about three feet from the

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