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The Famine 1846-1849

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In former times, the Irish people used no food except potatoes ans milk, and at times - a little butter.
The country was remarkable for the quality of its potatoes. They were far better than those which grew in America - which was their native climate. Unfortunately the potato disease appeared in 1846 and the crop was a total failure. They had neither food nor seed. Although there was sufficient corn in the country - to feed the whole population, the Government encouraged the sale of corn in order to provide the rent for the "Masters" - as the Landlords were called.
The result was a horrible famine. Hundreds and thousands died "miserably" of hunger and the plague which followed it.
There were so many deaths, that it was impossible to make graves for them all, so it happened that several dead bodies were simply thrown into the one hole.
Then it was another imossibility to

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T. O' Shea
Mucros, Co. Chiarraí