School: Nuadhchongbháil (Nohoval) (roll number 10326)

An Scairt, Co. Chiarraí
Siobhán, Bean Uí Riada
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0444, Page 248

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0444, Page 248

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  1. The times of the year that marriages take place are Shrove, the month of June and the month of September. The month of May and Mondays and Fridays are thought unlucky for marriages. The old proverb is "many in May and you will rue the day". Matches are made by the parents of the people who are to be married. The night after the match is made a great "night" is held the bride's house. This night is called "gander night".
    People are married in the church now but they were married in their homes long ago. On the day of the wedding another great party is held in the bride's home. It is also a custom, when the people, who are to be married are going to the church, that nice and old shoes are thrown after them for good luck.
    When a marriage takes place the "straw boys" go to the house looking for dance and fun[?] They dress in old torn clothes and old shoes and tall straw hats. When they come to the house they ask all the people inside to dance. When their captain comes he asks the bride to dance with him. He has all his men numbered and when he wants them to go home he calls
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