Scoil: Cluainín (uimhir rolla 12001)

An Cluainín, Co. Shligigh
Eoin Mac Aodha

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Local Marriage Customs

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Marriages usually take place at the following periods of the year. During the week previous to Ash Wednesday, after Easter Sunday. During the months of August and September and also for a period of about three weeks before Christmas. The month of May is said to be an unlucky month for marriage.
There was a usual custom in the olden times to have a big wedding on the night previous to the marriage in the bride's house. There used to be large crowds of people at the weddings. All the relatives, friends and neighbours of the bride and bridegroom used to be invited to the wedding. There used to be a big feast on this night consisting of all kinds of bread, drink, fruit and meat.
On the following night it was a general custom for the bridegroom to have a big party in his own home and on this night the straw boys used to come. There used to be twelve boys dressed in straw who would visit the house.