School: Ballysadare (B.) (roll number 7410)

Baile Easa Dara, Co. Shligigh
Seán Mac Sitric
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0176, Page 075

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0176, Page 075

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  3. XML “A Fairy Fort”

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  1. Not far from the town of Ballisodare there is a fort and people believe it is really haunted by fairies. The fort is on the land of Mr Luke Whyte, Abbeytown, and the fairies habitation is not far from the road.
    The fort was one time believed to be the graves of soldiers who fought a great battle and that their comrades buried the dead in a ring around their camp.
    Older people say that on [that] spot there was a mansion and that the owner
    deserted it because it was haunted by fairies. A local story says that a man built a fence 'round the fort and stacked his corn in it and the next day it [was] destroyed and not fit for use any more. A few nights later a man who owned a prized milk cow put her into the fort for shelter. That night a woman named Mary A. Johnston saw three fairies digging the cow's grave. The cow died and was buried where the fairies were seen working. The owner of the cow and corn was a man named Mr. James Wilkinson.
    J. Neary
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    1. áit-spás-timpeallacht
      1. áiteanna osnádúrtha agus spioradálta (~158)
        1. ráthanna (~5,616)
    J. Neary
    Mary A. Johnston
    Baile na Mainistreach, Co. Shligigh