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The Famine

Tagairt Chartlainne

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The Famine

Before the famine came the people depended very much on the potato crop for their support. But in the year 1845 we are told the sun never shone and the crop, upon which the people depended failed.
They struggled hard for that year and their hopes uplifted with the thoughts of having a good year in 1846. But again they were disappointed and 1847 was spoken as the "Black 47". The potatoes were only poheens, just the size of marbles and they had to eat weeds and seaweeds with them.
The people were dying, because of the hunger and bad food.
Relief was sent to them from England, but owing to their weak state and eating the food uncooked, the number of deaths increased. When this food was cooked as stirabout it was more suitable to them. But they had to work all day and in the evening they got stirabout. At this time they were working

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Annie Morrison
An Liosachán, Co. Shligigh