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Homemade Toys

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Long ago boy's games were not the kind we have to-day. Boys then made their own toys and at that period also Irish boys were gifted craftsmen. At that time there were no toy factories and the home made toys were not half nor quarter as fragile as the so called toys we use nowadays.
When the chestnuts were brown boys used to go to the wood and get a good hard chestnut. First they made a small hole in the shell and when the chestnut was scooped out it made a very fine whistle. Another good toy was "stilts". These were made by two good wooden blocks attached two poles. Then a boy got up on the stilts while another held them and he walked along as far as he wishes.
Boys used to get an alder stick and cut about six inches off it and when the middle was scooped out they used it for shooting berries.
This toy was called a "sgotar" Another very good joke was to get a turnip and scoop it out and make eyes, a nose and a mouth on the skin. Put a lighted candle inside the face and leave it on the side of the road to frighten some-body.

Mr Lacy
Sráid Eoin Uachtarach, Co. Shligigh