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Long ago bread as a staple food was not of the kind or manufacture as is used to-day. In the early part of the last century Imported very little or no wheat as our farmers produced enough in this crop to supply the full needs of our population which was then about two and a half times what it is to-day. At that time there also flourished in the country many local mills which gave much employment and the now still mill wheel which was worked by the never ending stream worked the machinery of the mills and to these the farmers brought their wheat crop to be ground and milled into flour. There family requirements were then taken home and the surplus was marketed for purchase by non agricultural or towns people.
House wifes and girls of that period all knew the art of bread making which was done somewhat in this manner. A measure of flour was done somewhat in this manner. A measure of flour was taken from the sack and placed on a board. The heap was then made hollow in the centre like basin shape and to this was added the correct amount of salt and also a gredient known as barm this mixture was made moist with water and the lot thoroughly mixed with the hands. When this was completed the dough was put into tin containers which

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Mr Lacy
Sráid Eoin Uachtarach, Co. Shligigh