School: Árd an Teampoill (roll number 12568)

Moin Temple, Co. Shligigh
Bríd Ní Mhoicheadha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0156, Page 249

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0156, Page 249

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  1. Once upon a time a parson kept a servant boy. One of the boys duties was to answer the calls at the door when any visitor would come. This day in particular the parson called him and told him that the bishop was to arrive in a day or two and to be very careful at the door. He also told him that he would have to bring up hot water in the mornings to the bishop while he was there and when he would knock at the bedroom door the bishop would ask who was there, and his answer would be "The boy my Lord". The bishop came however and the boy attended as directed by the parson. But when he knocked at the bedroom door, the bishop asked who was there, and he answered "The Lord my Boy".
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