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Bread - How to Make Boxty

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How to make Boxty

There are two kinds of boxty - boiled boxty and baked boxty.
Boiled Boxty -
Wash and peel potatoes, the grate them with a grater into a clean basin. Put the pulp into a muslin cloth and wring the water out of it. Then put it on a dish and mix with flour and salt. Roll it into thin cakes. Put into a pot of boiling water and boil for about an hour, keeping them stirred all the time. They can be eaten hot or let cool and sliced and fried in land.
Baked Boxty -
Peel and wash the potatoes, then grate them into a clean basin. Mix the pulp with flour and roll it out into thin cakes. Baked in a well greased pan for about fifteen minutes.
Written by Kathleen Davey, Tubbercurry

Kathleen Davey
Tobar an Choire, Co. Shligigh