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Tobar an Choire, Co. Shligigh
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A Burning - Sacking and Burning of Tubbercurry

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A Burning:
Sacking and Burning of Tubbercurry.
As a result of an ambush by the I.R.A. near Chaffpool Post Office there was a big burning in Tubbercurry on the night of the first Friday in October 1920. The people of the town were very much alarmed when they heard of the shooting because they knew there would be reprisals. Mr. Brady, the district Inspector who was the Officer in charge, died at twelve o'clock that night. The Tans immediately after his death broke loose and stormed the town.
The first house attacked was Mr. Howley's where they broke in and drank their fill. They broke practically all the windows in the town. They were attached by the Republicans who were hiding behind the Old Church wall. Sometime later they broke in on Mr. Cooke's premises. They scattered petrol all over the house and then they set fire to it. When the fire reached the cellar where the whiskey and wine were stored the explosion could be heard as far as Swinford, a place as

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Mary McNulty
Tobar an Choire, Co. Shligigh