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The Adventures of Jack

Tagairt Chartlainne

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The Adventures of Jack
In the days of Cromwell there lived a great giant in Ireland. The giant one night met a man coming home from card-playing. This man's name was Jack. He asked Jack would he have a game of cards with him. Jack who was a great gambler willingly agreed, "but where are the cards?"
"I will supply you with cards in the sand pit, also a table
"If you win three games I will give you £:300," said big Thaidg the giant, "but if you don't you will serve me for three years."
Big Thaidg won, and Jack was compelled to go with him. Jack had no one in the house but his mother. The poor fellow asked leave of the giant, that he might go home and see his mother, but his request was not granted. Jack was then taken to Thaidg's home. In the scullery, Thaidg showed him nine skulls.
"Your head will will be amongst these to morrow, if before sunset you fail to do, what I want you to do."
Next morning he took him out to a

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Gertie Armstrong
Anthony Irwin
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