School: Cloonacool (roll number 4802)

Cluain na Cúile, Co. Shligigh
Seán Ó Blioscáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 047

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 047

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    nine times to a river with an asses reins around his neck and drinks three times he will be cured on the ninth day.
    Sprains:- If a person got his hand or his foot sprained he would hold the injured limb under a strong spout in the river and he would be cured. Another cure is if he sprained his foot he would let some other person know of his trouble. This person would go to a weaver + say that such a person got his foot hurt. The weaver would understand what he meant and would give him a thread from his loom. This was called a straining thread. It is said that if this thread was asked from the weaver it would be no good.
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  2. Cancer: Some old people have a cure for cancer. This is made by herbs and tobacco mixed together and made into a plaster. This would draw the cancer from the roots. A cure for inward cancer is to boil the leaves of a crab apple tree and drink the juice of them.
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    1. gníomhaíochtaí
      1. cleachtas an leighis
        1. leigheas dúchasach (~11,815)
    A. Davitt
    K. Johnston
    An Mullán, Co. Shligigh