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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0414, Leathanach 331

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The landlord of the parish of Ardfert was Mr William Crosbie. Some people say he was a bad man. There were a lot of evictions in his time. but he drained a lot of land in Ardfert and was very of to his employees. he gave them a lot of presents at Christmas.
His son Lindsy was landlord after and he was a very good man. He was very good to the poor.
Written by Peg Lawlor, Knockoe, Ardfert, Tralee, and obtained from Mrs Mary McCarthy, Ballymcquinn, Ardfert, Tralee.

Peg Lawlor
An Cnoc Rua, Co. Chiarraí
Mrs Mary Mc Carthy
Baile Mhic Cuinn Uachtarach, Co. Chiarraí

William Crosbie was the landlord in our district. He resided in the Great House in Ardfert Demesne. He was commonly known as Billie the Leveler because he knocked a lot of houses. He wanted to close up old Iyshe road and take in the land with his Demesne. Included with this ladn was the old cathedral and burying ground which he meant to destroy. He brought an engineer to map it. People from every where who had relatives

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