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Famine Times

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Famine times

There was a famine in Ireland in the year 1847. People were dying by the road sides sign of grass in their mouths. There is a story told about a very decent woman who lived here around. She was a farmers wife.
In the beginning of the year the farmer put a lot of corn into a large chest and locked it saying "I will use that in the end of the year." He gave the key to his wife to mind it. Every time a poor person came to her looking for charity she gave them a can of corn out of the chest until at last it was all gone. She did not know what to say to her husband when he asked her for the key but a thought struck her. She went our and filled the chest with chaff. When the man went to get the corn the finest corn he ever saw was in the chest.
Written by Peg Lawlor Ballymcquinn, Ardfert and obtained from
Mrs Mary McCarthy Ballymcquinn, Ardfert

Peg Lawlor
Baile Mhic Cuinn Uachtarach, Co. Chiarraí
Mrs Mary Mc Carthy
Baile Mhic Cuinn Uachtarach, Co. Chiarraí