School: Achadh Mhaoláin (roll number 9254)

Achadh an Mhuilinn, Co. Liatroma
Mrs Prior
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 433

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0226, Page 433

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  1. After the death of St. Mogue this bell was used for swearing by and if a false oath was sworn something terrible would happen that person.
    This bell came to be in possession of a family named Currans but I am not able to tell how this happened. The bell couldn't be lent to anybody only a friend of the man in possession of it. One day a man named O'Rourke came for the loan of the bell whose wife was a friend of Currans'. Curran gave it and he kept it for a long time.
    At this time the Protestants had been trying hard to get hold of this bell for a long time. O'Rourke was very poor so he sold the bell to a Protestant Landlord. The bargain was - free rent for O'Rourke's land and thirty shillings for the ribbon that was tied on the bell. O'Rourke bought a pig, a blanket and a coat with the money.
    One day the pig came into the house and followed the people and ran them outside. She then went and took the blanket off the bed and the coat off the wall and burned them. She went outside and rushed headlong against a ditch and killed herself.
    When the news of the bell spread the Catholics did all in their power to take it back but they never could get it. It is said that it was drowned in a Lake.
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    1. earraí
      1. struchtúir de dhéantús an duine
        1. séadchomharthaí (~6,794)
    2. ócáidí
      1. ócáidí (de réir trátha bliana) (~11,476)
    Veronica Smyth
    Mrs Owen O' Reilly
    An Ghléib, Co. Liatroma