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Achadh an Mhuilinn, Co. Liatroma
Mrs Prior

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Folklore - A Strange Story - The Crock of Gold

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There was one time a man and he lived in Glan and he was very poor. He dreamt every night for about twelve months that if he was in Dublin at a certain bridge he would get a pot of gold. So one day he made up a few shillings to go to Dublin to see would he get the pot of gold.
When he arrived in Dublin he went to the bridge he dreamt the pot of gold was on. He stood on the bridge for two days and part of the third day. Then a man came up to him and asked him was it any harm to ask him what was he doing there or was there anything wrong with him. Then the man said, "No, but I am ashamed to tell you what has me here. " The other man then said, "What would you be ashamed of to tell me, for I am a stranger to you and you are a stranger to me." Then the man said "I will tell you what has me here. I dreamt every night for twelve months that if I was up here at this bridge I would get a pot of gold." Then the other man said to him, "God help you foolish wit. I dreamt myself that if I was at holly well in Glan I would get another." So the man that went to Dublin said "Sure that well is in my own field at the back of the house."
Then he said no more only started off for home again and when he went home he said nothing only started out to the field where the holly well was and began to dig with a spade and pick until he reached the pot of gold. When he got it he brought it into the house and there was something written on the lid of it and no one could make out or understand what the writing was. He didn't like to lift the lid off the pot until he would see what the writing was. So one

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Josephine Maxwell