Scoil: Achadh Mhaoláin (uimhir rolla 9254)

Achadh an Mhuilinn, Co. Liatroma
Mrs Prior

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Taifeach: Íseal | Ard
Miss Hynes

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0226, Leathanach 409

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Ar an leathanach seo

Miss Hynes was a landlady that was ruling over this part of the country. She lived near Garadice which is believed to be in the townland of Drumlonan which in these days was the chief residence of the landlord.
One evening later in winter she was riding in her carriage in the parish of Templeport and she was shot.
The man that shot her was Doonan Murphy. He lived in the present townland of Cruckawaddy.
No one ever knew the least thing about it unless his wife.
Before he shot her he had to follow her about a mile. The coachman was in the way and he couldn't shoot her unless to shoot the coachman first.
At last the coachman got down to open a gate and he shot her in the carriage.
One night they were sitting in the kitchen and they began to talk very strong on some subject.
At last she said: "I suppose you'll shoot me the way you shot Miss Hynes".
There was some one listening who told the tale. The week did not go until he

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Francis Mc Kiernan
Mrs Joseph Mc Kiernan
Srath Draighneáin, Co. Liatroma