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Achadh an Mhuilinn, Co. Liatroma
Mrs Prior

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A Lone Bush

Tagairt Chartlainne

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A Lone Bush
There is a lone bush on Pat Kellagher's hill of Stradrinan and it is a four corner filed and it is about six inchs from the ditch and around the lone bush there is a big lump of earth stuck to it.
This lone bush got rotten several times and fell and every time it fell it grew up the very same way again. So one day Pat Kellagher went up to the field beside the lone bush to make a ditch, Francies McKeirnan came up to him and asked him what was he going to do and he told him he was going to make a ditch. The Francies told him to not go near that lone bush, that he often heard it said it is not right to have anything got to with a lone bush.
So he said to Pat leave about a few inches between the lone bush and the ditch he was goin to make. So in a short time after he made the ditch he was coming home off his "ceilide" at night and he had to go in through the field the lone bush was in.
So when he went into the field he couldn't get out of it.
He thought it seemed to him as if there was a big wood before him. Then when he seen that he couldn't get his way home he said to himself he would sit down and smoke and not be killing himself walking, then he took out his pipe and cracked a match and as soon as he had the match cracked every -

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Josephine Maxwell
Pat Kellagher
Srath Draighneáin, Co. Liatroma