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The Cure of the Ringworm

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Ring-worm is a contagious disease which the doctors are nearly unable to cure or overcome. The old people have a certain cure, but there are very few of them surviving who have it. I know a very old man whose name is John Boles. He lives in the parish of Killargue and he has the cure of the ring-worm. He is famed for the success of this cure and I know several people who got it. It is made from herbs and fresh butter and is made into seven parts. On each part he says particular prayers which are supposed to perform the miracle. It is believed that whenever you want a cure you should go to the person who has it before sun-set. Some people say that these old cures were got from foreign lands, but the old people say that they were handed down to them from their ancestors and have proved in many cases highly effective.

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Eileen Mc Goldrick
An Leacán, Co. Liatroma