School: Mullach Dubh

Lios Gormáin, Co. Liatroma
Pádhraic Ó Blioscáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0203, Page 167

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0203, Page 167

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  3. XML “Story - Old Hags”

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  1. Long ago two brothers named Huddon and Daddon lived with their mother in a small house at the foot of a cliff in Co. Sligo. They shared this house with two others, a man named Donnell O Neary and his mother. Huddon and Duddon stole or plundered everything that Donnell owned; even the cow which supplied the poor window with milk was taken one night. In order to get all his belongings the two wicked thieves decided to kill Donnell but he knew of their plot. He exchanged beds with his mother the night of the intended murder for he thought they would not be so cruel as to kill the old woman. But to Donnell's grief his mother met her death that same night and the following day she was buried. As Donnell was carrying the dead body of his mother to the graveyard he changed to pass by the village Lakil, the manager
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