School: An Clochar, B'l'Áthan Ríogh

Baile Átha an Rí, Co. na Gaillimhe
An tSr. M. Treasa Ní Bhriain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0003, Page 078

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0003, Page 078

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  3. XML “The Holy Well”

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  1. About a mile outside Athenry on the Loughrea side of the town lies a holy well. Long ago when soldiers were fighting in the town and thereabouts Our Blessed Lady is supposed to have appeared to some soldiers who were fleeing. As they were passing this particular place, perhaps to obtain refuge there, they looked towards the well and above they beheld a vision of Our Blessed Mother. Soon this strange wonder spread and from that time onward pilgrims from the town and outside districts have come to pray and do Novenas at this well. There is a special day fixed for devotion, which is the Feast of Assumption, August the fifteenth.
    Large numbers of people gather on this day. They have great faith in prayers said at the well. There is a beautiful statue of Our Lady there, and a huge cross with the image of Our Lady on it. There is also a place where offerings of money are given. On an old rock which has a hollow in its centre, those inflicted with continual bad headaches and toothaches place small offerings such as hairpins and slides there. The well has a high stone wall built around
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    Baile Dháibhí Theas, Co. na Gaillimhe