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A Hidden Treasure

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A Hidden Treasure 16/11/1937
There is hardly a district around Ireland that there are not treasure hidden in. In older times there was a crock of gold hidden in an old gravetard in Kinvara. It was hidden by an old priest. It was hidden many years and no body could find it.
Early one morning a man got up very earl and went working. He was disturebed at his work and was told about the hidden treasure. He went to bed that night and he ded not sleep well. He was aroused early in the morning out of his sleep. He got up out of bed and he hurried off to the place where teh crock was hidden.When he went to dig the crock with all his might a big man appeared dressed in white. As soon as the man saw him he ran away with fear. The value of the hidden treasure is supposed to be about twelve thousand guineas. He tried to purchase the crock of gold many times but all in vain he had no chance of it.. He went away from Kinvara for seven years. At the end of the seven years he returned with no hopes of finding the treasure. he tried to dig again but th ghostly man sprung at him with terror. He gave him a slap that put the fear of God in his heart. He went home and promised that he would never do to that haunted spot again. A few night agyer the ghost came to the bed side of the man. He left his hand on his face and he dies that very minute. The print of the ghosts hand was to be seen on his dace, He was buried i the sport where it happened and nobody goes near it because it is haunted.
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