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Eachroim, Co. na Gaillimhe
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My native home is situated in the town land of Northbrook, in the parish of Aughrim, and in the barony of Kilconnell.

It is about a mile from Kilconnell, and two and a half from Aughrim. There is a population of about forty people in our townland. There are eight houses in the district, five of them being new ones. Some of them were built about two years ago. Before the famine, there were twenty six houses, and the ruins of some are to be seen still. There is only one thatched house in the district.
All the land is fairly good, except where there are furze bushes growing. It got the name of Northbrook because there was a family of some importance called North, living here in the days gone by, and a large brook flowed beside their house. It is called Northbrook river. One one side of the river there is a bog.
It is not used now for getting turf in, because all the turf is cut away.
(Betty Carty, Northbrook)

Betty Carty
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