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Local Marriage Customs

An old custom in marriage was, that when the bride would be going to the Church she would have to sit in front of the bridegroom on horseback, and do the same going home, and all the people would follow on horseback.
When the people would be in the bridegroom's house in the middle of all the merriment, the strawboys would come, and rob the people of their money, and eat all the currant cakes and sweet things they could find.
If a man rode with a white horse and trap he could not continue with the procession.
The bride would have to borrow something old, something new, and something blue or else she would not be lucky. It is said that it is unlucky to get married in May. It is also said that it is unlucky to get married on a Friday.
(Maureen Hanrahan, Aughrim)

Maureen Hanrahan
Eachroim, Co. na Gaillimhe

In olden times, there were many strange customs pertaining to marriages, especially in country districts. First of all, marriages were usually arranged by matchmakers. When a man wanted

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