Scoil: Cathair Loisgreáin (C)

Cathair Loistreáin, Co. na Gaillimhe
Máire Nic Aodha

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Stories about the Fairies

Tagairt Chartlainne

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Stories about the Fairies
1. About fifty years ago, fairies were very busy in this and the surrounding townlands, and people going from one village to another were often chased by them. Once there was a man coming home late at night. At Derrymore, he saw an old woman standing outside the room window of a certain house. He walked over to the woman, she then moved off. On hearing some noise he remained there for a little while, when a child was handed to him from within. He took possession of the child and took it to his home. The pair (fairies) within came out, and went hurriedly to a fort in a neighbour’s field called sceaé na creazán, there to find neither the baby nor the old woman, for which they gave her a great thrashing afterwards. The child was given safely back to its parents (by this man) but the fairies remained in and around sceaé a creazán.
2. On a cold March evening a man named John Walsh (Tome Walshes father) was working in a filed. When he went to put on his coat, the fairies used to pull it off again, and kept him so going for a long time until he got angry with them, and they laughed heartily around him though he could not see them.
3. There was once a man and a woman who had one son and a daughter. As the daughter went out on evening

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